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SpeedWeed is the most well-known, trusted legal cannabis delivery service in California providing on-demand delivery in select cities. Stop using imitators; we’re the originators. SpeedWeed has been innovating cannabis delivery since 2011.

You deserve the best. You deserve SpeedWeed.

How easy is it to get cannabis delivered? So easy.

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Before SpeedWeed launched in Los Angeles in 2011, cannabis delivery was inefficient, and often illegal. There was no online shopping. No real time order tracking. No driver fleets. No central customer service. No online registration and verification. No child-proof packaging. No branding.
Times have changed.
Whether you're a cannabis newcomer or a veteran, you've noticed that many marijuana delivery services have similar websites, similar coupons, similar procedures. The reason is simple:
SpeedWeed invented cannabis delivery.

SpeedWeed has been profiled on the front page of the LA Times, The New York Times, GQ magazineHBO: Vice, CheddarBusinessWeekThis Week in StartupsBloombergTV, Pot Stock Radio, CannaInsiderLA Weekly, The Marijuana Investor News, CNBC's "Power Pitch", Boing Boing, HotAir.comCashinbis, Cannabis Business Executive, Playboy, Sports Illustrated and frequently on the Powerful Joe Rogan Experience.