Police chief caught on video: ‘I’m the only police chief that likes to smoke weed’


A Mississippi police chief is facing consequences for smoking marijuana on a video released to a local news network.

Lumberton, Mississippi police chief Shane Flynt has been suspended with pay after WDAM obtained a video of Flynt smoking a fresh bowl from a glass pipe.

“I’m only chief of police in Lumberton that likes to smoke weed,” boasts Flynt as his uniform can be seen hanging on the wall.

Flynt then continues to smoke from a broken pipe and babbling, all while Christmas music plays in the background.

“If this ain’t no cool s–t,” Flynt adds. “You don’t know no cool s–t. Who the coolest is? Me! I’m the coolest!”

The Lumberton police chief is the most recent law enforcement agent enjoying cannabis on video, adding to a 2015 incident where Orange County police officers were caught on tape eating marijuana-infused edibles while raiding a Santa Ana dispensary.

Flynt blames the leaked footage on his wife, which he explained in a statement posted on Facebook.

“They recorded me in a vulnerable state and they planned every minute of it,” Flynt wrote. “This person being my wife who is obviously very vindictive. I love serving the town of Lumberton, the people there are like family to me. It saddens my heart that I’ve disappointed many as well as myself.”

While Flynt faces paid suspension for the released video, government agencies such as the FBI, Pentagon, and Secret Service have greatly reduced restrictions on employees who test positive for cannabis use.

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Oscar Pascual