Monthly Archives: July 2018

Blast Off Faster With These Quick-Hitting Cannabis Edibles in Colorado

There are many reasons to love cannabis-infused edibles—compared to smoked cannabis, they’re stronger, last longer, and keep your lungs smoke-free. But one problem unique to cannabis edibles is their delayed onset. Most people don’t feel any effects until an hour or more after consumption. Luckily, there’s a way to get the long-lasting effects of edibles […]

Detroit Officials Vote to Limit Number of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Allowed in City

The Detroit City Council voted Tuesday to limit the number of medical marijuana dispensaries that will be allowed to operate within city limits. No more than 75 cannabis retail shops will be permitted under an ordinance adopted by the council without debate. The measure, which was proposed by council member James Tate in June, also […]

Georgia Quietly Becomes the Latest Country to Legalize Cannabis Use

Georgia has quietly become the next country to legalize cannabis use after action from the nation’s Constitutional Court on Monday. The court’s ruling was handed down in a lawsuit brought by political activists. The decision eliminates administrative penalties such as fines as punishment for the consumption of marijuana.  However, the court’s ruling does not legalize cannabis […]

San Diego DA agrees to drop charges against cannabis attorney

(This story has been corrected to note that the district attorney’s office agreed to drop the charges – versus the charges having been dropped. The updated story also includes a statement from the district attorney’s office.)   The San Diego district attorney’s office has agreed to drop felony charges filed last year against cannabis industry attorney Jessica […]

The Overwatch League is Real, and It’s Fantastic

I approached Barclay’s Center to take in Saturday’s Overwatch League Grand Final match alongside a group of prototypical eSports fans: nerds in their late teens. One girl in this group was relaying to her friends the rumor that a new player-character would be announced at this, the conclusion of Overwatch League’s (OWL) wildly successful first […]

What Exactly Is A One-Hitter Pipe?

With all of the various types of cannabis paraphernalia in today’s day and age, it’s pretty easy to forget the one-hitter pipe. Between dab rigs, extravagant glass bongs, and elaborate bubblers, the one-hitter weed pipe has certainly been overshadowed. But that’s not to say it’s not super useful. Sure, nowadays there are easier ways to get high […]

Willie Nelson’s marijuana brand will soon be available in Canada

(photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons) Canadians can enjoy Willie Nelson’s very own cannabis once it becomes legal. LivWell Enlightened Health LLC is making a deal to secure perpetual distribution rights in Canada to Nelson’s marijuana brand Willie’s Reserve, reports Bloomberg News. LivWell, one of Colorado’s largest cannabis companies, is also in the process of a reverse […]