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September 2018 Horoscopes & Strains to Match

The challenge this month is to stay grounded and dream big at the same time. The theme for September is “the unbearable lightness of being.” With eclipse season and Mercury retrograde firmly in the rearview mirror, we are getting a fresh start. Saturn stations direct at the beginning of the month, and with it go […]

Fallen pot package in Nebraska leads to possible prison time for Colorado man

KEARNEY, Neb. — Two people arrested in south-central Nebraska are facing possible prison time for hauling marijuana, including some that had fallen onto Interstate 80. The Kearney Hub reports that 49-year-old Charlie Red of Sedalia and 29-year-old Damaisy De La Caridad Rodriguez of Miami pleaded no contest Friday in Buffalo County District Court to felony […]

Montana Collects $1.8 Million in Medical Cannabis Tax Revenue in First Year

The state of Montana collected $1.8 million in the first year of taxing the medical marijuana industry, according to government officials. The Montana Department of Revenue also reported that the state’s medicinal cannabis businesses had generated approximately $45 million in sales during the first year of taxation. State revenue director Gene Walborn told local media […]

California cannabis regulators revoke four business licenses

California marijuana regulators revoked the licenses of four MJ businesses after the municipalities where those companies were located nixed their operations. The four account for only a handful of the 433 California marijuana companies that have seen their temporary business licenses canceled, revoked or expire, according to new information posted online by the state Bureau of […]

Study Suggests CBD May Have Antipsychotic Effect in High-Risk Individuals

The psychiatric research journal JAMA Psychiatry has just published a new study suggesting CBD could have antipsychotic effects in individuals at clinical high risk of psychosis. The study builds off compelling prior research demonstrating CBD’s therapeutic effects. Titled “Effect of Cannabidiol on Medial Temporal, Mid-brain, and Striatial Dysfunction in People at Clinical High Risk of Psychosis,” the […]

Blaze’n’Plays Playlist: Sour Candy and Late-Summer Singalongs

Anyone who has ever searched for the right cheese to serve with a classy Pinot Noir or dug into the closet for the rattiest jeans to wear with a flashy new Radiohead concert tee will tell you: The world is full of things that go well together. It’s also full of selfless and truth-seeking experts […]

Legalization of recreational marijuana gaining support on 4/20

193 · Recreational marijuana heads to Michigan ballot as Proposal 1 130 · Cannabis Should Be Added To NAFTA, Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Suggests: ‘We can change criminals for businessmen, we can change underground, illegal non-taxpayers into an industry, a sector of the economy. I think it should be part of NAFTA and that’s […]

In test with rats, cannabidiol showed sustained effects against depression for seven days

Commercial antidepressants typically take two to four weeks to have a significant effect on a depressed patient. They are also inneffective in approximately 40% of the cases. Finding new drugs for depression that are fast-acting and have more lasting effects is the goal of research conducted by Brazilian scientists in São Paulo State in collaboration […]

The Best 2018 Labor Day Cannabis Deals

The end of summer, the beginning of school, and Labor Day is upon us. Thankfully, 2018 is probably the best time in history to be a humble plebeian shopping for medicinal herbs—legalization has spread through nine states, causing prohibition prices to tumble. To ensure your hard-earned dollars stretch even further going into this holiday weekend, […]