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‘Christmas is coming early’: Canada’s draft rules for marijuana edibles expected in coming weeks

Hotly anticipated draft regulations to allow legal sales of cannabis edibles and concentrates in Canada are expected to be released before Christmas, according to sources, paving the way for a new wave of businesses and entrepreneurs aiming to capitalize on the country’s recreational marijuana industry. Edibles sales will begin next year, opening a potentially huge […]

We Came Up With Creative Uses For CBD So You Don’t Have To

CBD has become one of the defining wellness trends of 2018. The New Yorker recently described CBD as an aid for a fast-paced New York lifestyle and CBD infusions have crept into everyday culture, from bars in upscale hotel lobbies to sexual wellness products. It’s clear: hemp is no longer reserved for hippies; it has […]

The potential benefits of legalized marijuana

453 · Hemp Legalization Is Officially In The Final Farm Bill 9 · Kids accidently get high on THC gummies during gym class. 105 · Cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis plants (Infographic) 20 · Luxembourg coalition announces they will legalize recreational cannabis; timeline for legislation/sales TBD 48 · Medical Marijuana Legalized In South Korea Please […]

Can certain strains cause you to be really down and depressed?

Today and yesterday I was at an all time low when i got high. I’ve never been this depressed in a while. Today in the morning after talking to my friend, I felt much better. Then i sparked up again and I instantly started thinking negatively about everything. I even had to stop music cause […]

Cannabis applications in Malta await guidelines from government

While the cannabis industry is getting broad support from the government of Malta, the business application process still awaits guidelines from a key government agency. Several companies have obtained letters of intent (LOI) from Malta Enterprise – the first step in applying for permits – but no company has yet been fully licensed to cultivate […]

Chart: Dozens of marijuana licenses at risk after Oregon inspections

More than a quarter of Oregon’s outdoor recreational marijuana producers had deficiencies or potential compliance violations in their harvest processes, according to the results of Operation Good Harvest – the state’s effort to observe and inspect the 2018 outdoor cannabis harvest. Of the 354 licensed outdoor recreational grow sites inspected by the Oregon Liquor Control […]

Seasonal Delights: Colorado’s Favorite Edibles for Fall 2018

When the weather gets cold, Colorado cannabis consumers are treated to a host of holiday-themed, cannabis-infused treats. Some are seasonal, eagerly anticipated by Colorado’s edible enthusiasts every year. Others are available all the time but are still a perfect way to get into the holiday spirit! Check out unique holiday eats below. Mini Pumpkin Pies […]