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Canada’s draft regulations for cannabis edibles ban alcohol brands, cap THC

Canada’s health department unveiled its draft regulations for edible cannabis and infused beverages, extracts and topicals, to establish parameters for a new wave of businesses and entrepreneurs aiming to capitalize on the country’s marijuana industry. The formal draft regulations will be published in the Canada Gazette, the government’s official newspaper, on Dec. 22, and businesses and the […]

New law in Maine expands medical cannabis businesses’ options

Maine cannabis companies hope a new law that allows medical marijuana firms to sell MMJ to one another will help the state’s industry by opening new opportunities to do business. Here are the basics: The law, which went into effect last week, allows businesses to sell up to 30% of their harvest or inventory, the Portland Press […]

On LA’s Chic Melrose Ave., a CBD Smorgasbord

LOS ANGELES — Nestled among the vintage shops, bars, restaurants, and art galleries of LA’s chic Melrose Avenue, The Antidote looks a lot like any other modern boutique. With its large, sidewalk-facing windows, bubbling indoor water feature, and streamlined collection of curated products, it certainly looks the part of an upscale beauty and wellness shop. […]

4 Minutes and 20 Seconds with Sherbinski, Iconic Strain Cultivator

If you got the chance to meet a local legend in your community, wouldn’t you? We finally got the chance to sit down and speak with a very popular man in the cannabis community: Sherbinski of the “Cookie Fam.” This man is a GOD in the Bay Area of California, so meeting him was a […]

The Most Important Cannabis Studies of 2018

The most exciting new frontier in cannabis research this year wasn’t any individual study or published report. It was a pair of developments (one in Canada, the other in the United States) that together promise to spur the research studies of the future on a scale never seen before, with a scope of inquiry that […]

Leafly’s 2018 Strain of the Year

The cannabis landscape continues to expand at a staggering rate. New brands, products, genetics, and all sorts of other exciting innovations and investments came out in 2018. This rise of cannabis into the global mainstream makes staking a claim like “Strain of the Year” all the more difficult. Thankfully we have hard data to help […]

Opinion: California Legalization Is Lumbering to Life

California’s legal cannabis industry is lumbering to life. But you wouldn’t know it from the groans of the industry and its critics. That’s too bad. Because as we near the end of the first year of legal cannabis sales in California, you can look back on some major hurdles overcome. There’s criminal justice savings. There’s […]

Canadian Cannabis Moments We’re Looking Forward to in 2019

It’s hard to believe that legalization was just a few months ago. And, while the rollout of cannabis legalization in Canada has been nothing short of a rocky, there are a bunch of exciting developments on the horizon. The future of cannabis in Canada is looking bright. Here are 7 key cannabis moments that we’re looking […]

Plans for a state-backed pot bank aren’t feasible, a study says [California]

“The assets of the bank are subject to foreclosure by the federal government,” Roetzheim said. “The staff of the bank is subject to criminal liability and could go to jail, state officers are subject to criminal liability and could go to jail. Instead of pursuing the public banking route, the report recommends creating a project […]

The Official High Times Magazine STASH Awards of 2018

Our yearly roundup of the best grow gear of the year started in 1998 and was dubbed the STASH Awards (for Significant Technological Achievements in Secretive Horticulture). Behold our informed choices for the finest cultivation equipment of 2018. BC Northern Nights Roommate Best Grow Box: The BC Northern Lights Roommate For almost 20 years, BC […]