A friend was hospitalized after taking one hit

So I’m an avid cannabis user and so are most of my friends. But the friend of mine who I’m talking about smokes pot occasionally. Yesterday was one such occasion and he was doing it after a month or more. We were taking it out of a bong. He took one hit and lost his consciousness. Started shouting, shivering, tried to vomit over and over again, said he was hallucinating and visuals were very slow. It was the worst episode of a bad trip that I saw. I was also high during the time so didn’t really know what to do. We are 19 and in a country where weed is a schedule 1 drug. His parents, both doctors, finally got to the scene and his symptoms weren’t improving and they took him to their hospital. He was admitted to an ICU as his Blood Pressure was too low. I later found out that he was on a very restricted diet . Is weed solely the cause for his symptoms. Also his parents are probably gonna fuck him up and lay restrictions since he lives with them. He’s well now but neither of us can figure out what was the cause and what can now be done

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