A cannabis delivery service that actually discloses the owners?

Unheard of!


Welcome to California’s Best, Most Highly Rated
(and ONLY LEGAL) Marijuana Delivery Service.

SpeedWeed believes every adult should have safe, convenient access to medicinal cannabis without visiting a dispensary. Orders delivered throughout California.

Marijuana delivered just like pizza? Cannabis delivered just like Amazon? That’s right. Why drive to a marijuana dispensary when we can drive the marijuana to you? The SpeedWeed menu features a variety of your favorite flowers, edible brands, hash, wax, concentrates and beverages. We also provide all the gear needed for a new cannabis consumer or seasoned pro. 

You’ve seen us on the cover of the New York Times, LA Times cover, GQ cover, CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, Inc magazine, Forbes, Fast Company, Fusion TV, Cheddar and oh so many more.

You’re a Joe Rogan fan? Rogan fans have heard SpeedWeed mentioned countless times on the Joe Rogan Experience — the most listened to podcast in the world. Joe even did a full show on SpeedWeed. (Episode #807)

SpeedWeed invented the way cannabis is delivered.

Why get your weed delivered by illegal imitators? We are the originators. We are the innovators.

We are SpeedWeed.

What’s it like to get a cannabis order from SpeedWeed?

Gino and AJ from SpeedWeed on the Joe Rogan Experience (Episode #807)

SpeedWeed: The only legal cannabis delivery platform in California.

Yes, just us.

In 2010, when SpeedWeed launched in Los Angeles, we didn’t set out to invent an industry. It just happened that way.

You’re welcome.