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Welcome to California’s Best, Most Highly Rated Marijuana Delivery Service.

SpeedWeed believes every adult should have safe, convenient access to medicinal cannabis without visiting a dispensary. Orders shipped overnight throughout California or on-demand in select areas (Los Angeles County, Orange County, Long Beach, San Diego, Oakland). Just like ordering a pizza.

Marijuana delivered just like pizza? That’s right. Why drive to a marijuana dispensary when we can drive the marijuana to you? The SpeedWeed menu features a variety of your favorite flowers, edible brands, hash, wax, concentrates and beverages. We also provide all the gear needed for a new patient or seasoned pro.

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This is really a thing? Oh yes. Home delivery is how Hollywood’s elite have been receiving their medical marijuana for years. Famous actors, CEOs, movie producers and other high-profile people can not and will not go into a dispensary. Why should you be forced to? PRIVACY IS OUR PRIORITY. SpeedWeed makes fast, safe, discreet, legal marijuana delivery available to everyone.

The owners of SpeedWeed take great pride in the service and work very hard to elevate the quality of businesses in the cannabis space. SpeedWeed supports the closing of any illegal or shady “pot shops”. SpeedWeed is here to serve the community, not denigrate it. Please be safe, consume responsibly and support the organizations and elected officials who continue to fight for your rights.

Click HERE to complete our online registration. Remember to upload a copy of your doctor’s medical marijuana recommendation and photo ID. We will email you when you have been accepted into our collective.

For cities that only support medical cannabis, a patient using any marijuana delivery service is strongly advised to have a state-issued DHS card for maximum protection under the law.

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On-demand and overnight delivery in select areas throughout California.


For a full list of our service areas, click here.

420 delivery has never been easier. 888-860-8472

Free Medical Marijuana Delivery to all of California. On-demand to Los Angeles, Orange County, Long Beach, South Bay & the San Fernando Valley. Cannabis at your door. On-demand orders typically delivered in about an hour.

Always fast. Always free. Always discreet.

SpeedWeed delivery times vary depending on time of day, traffic and weather. In on-demand areas like Within Los Angeles County, Orange County and the San Fernando Valley, orders are typically delivered within one hour.

Overnight orders placed before 5 PM arrive the next business day, orders placed after 5 PM arrive in two business days. SpeedWeed the only marijuana delivery service to carry Herbal Eats™, Running Leaf™ and Bud Ninja™ edibles exclusively. We stand by every product we carry.

These Products May Make You Sexier, Smarter and Taller

Order online or call 888-860-8472.

Before placing an order, you must become a member. For members in areas where adult use is permitted, you must be above 21 years of age and possess a valid photo ID.

For members in areas allowing only medical cannabis, patients must have a current medical marijuana recommendation from a licensed doctor. Please have your documents ready when receiving your marijuana delivery. All marijuana recommendations will be verified with your doctor before your account is approved.

SpeedWeed provides legal, discreet marijuana delivery throughout California. A percentage of all orders go towards charities that support medical cannabis research and to groups like NORML and Americans for Safe Access who work hard on behalf of all medical marijuana patients. You should join and support these groups, too!

SpeedWeed delivers cannabis like no other service can: quickly, professionally, discreetly and legally. Using another marijuana delivery service? They may not be as legal as you think.

420 delivery has never been easier.