Action Bronson arrested for smoking marijuana onstage in Kosovo

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Action Bronson was arrested on Saturday after smoking marijuana during a performance in Kosovo, reports TMZ.

Bronson, who was the only American performing that night, casually lit a joint before performing his single, “Terry.” While Bronson has enjoyed the freedom to take dabs and eat weed-infused pizza on the American cable television, European cops ended his night early by escorting him to a local police station.

Bronson’s heinous act of sparking up was caught on an Instagram video, which can be viewed below. He was booked but later released, a police spokesman told TMZ.

Bronson’s European blunder is not the first mistake he’s made while high this summer. In a Hot 97 interview in June, Bronson explained how a particularly strong type of cannabis made him shave his trademark beard.

“I was high out of my mind…it was this new strain,” he said. “I never have clippers in my house for this reason. I usually call somebody to come help me out and come do that. I just started trimming and it went bad, it went awry.”

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