Posted this over in the r/weed sub too. Thought I’d ask for some advice over here.

I’ve been out of the weed game for a while since i’m in the military. However, I live in the state of Washington and want to help my wife out. She’s been struggling with anxiety, and she’s taken the normal medication for it and has had a lot of adverse side effects, like seizures for one. She’s not one to use substances like alcohol or weed just for fun. She’s mostly a pretty sober person.

I’ve been suggesting she goes to one of the local weed shops to pick up some sort of edible or something to try and help with the anxiety, she doesn’t like smoking. Since I’ve been out of it for so long I don’t know what a lot of the best things for her would be. She’s not looking to get high or anything, just looking for something to help with her day to day anxiety.

What would you suggest?

Some sort of candy edible would be good, but I know that edibles tend to be way more potent if you’re not careful. I’ve been reading about CBD too.

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