How Sharmila Clee Got Off Valium With Plant-Assisted Therapy

After drug use caused Sharmila Clee’s parents to lose custody of her and her siblings in 1998, Clee said she was squarely against anything related to drugs or alcohol, including cannabis. “An anti-drug and alcohol mantra became my identity for years,” she said. Once her parents and extended biological family’s rights were terminated, Clee and […]

Looking back at how things have gone this past decade, what aspects of marijuana legalization have surprised you?

I was really surprised how Colorado and Washington were so easily able to legalize marijuana and implement large commercial markets. I was expecting the DoJ to sue both states in the aftermath of ballot initiatives, especially given how they criticized the 2010 California ballot initiative. The Obama Administration really deserves a lot of credit on […]

Marijuana & the Mind, Your Knowledge About it

Hey everyone, im actually doing a survey for a project to see what people know about marijuana and how it affects ya. Its anonymous and 10 questions, about 3 minutes tops, and for anyone 18+. I was curious to see peoples responses.. Feel free to do it if your curious! 🙂 submitted by /u/LadyJaney01 […]