The Roll-Up #51: Viva Las Vegas (a Very Special Episode)

The Roll-Up features Leafly editors Bruce Barcott, Ben Adlin, and Dave Schmader in a Friday morning roundtable about the week’s top cannabis news. Leafly Podcast The Roll-Up #51: Viva Las Vegas A very special episode: Bruce & Ben roam Sin City to find out how Nevada’s legalization era is affecting America’s adult playground. Includes giant buds, El […]

US Senate Candidate Gary Johnson Admits to Involvement in Cannabis Industry

Libertarian Senate candidate Gary Johnson recently disclosed a number of financial ties to the legal cannabis industry. Given Johnson’s pro-legalization platform, some have claimed these connections could be a conflict of interests. But Johnson insists that these claims are not true. Gary Johnson’s Ties to Legal Weed Johnson is currently running to represent New Mexico […]

Pot Shop Employee Fights Off Attackers With Trusty Glass Bong

A Canadian pot shop employee may have just experienced the ultimate bong hit. He used the marijuana smoking apparatus to fight off three robbers who were brandishing canisters of bear spray, Mashable reported. And, yes, it was all caught on video (thank you for asking). The attempted robbery occurred last Thursday afternoon at the Recreational Cannabis Farmers […]

Washington, DC Sees Mass Synthetic Marijuana Overdose

Synthetic marijuana has caused a string of overdoses in the Washington, D.C. area this week, according to a report in the Washington Post. In one 24-hour period from Wednesday through Thursday, emergency medical personnel took dozens of people to local hospitals for treatment. City officials say the victims had been using K2 or Spice before being […]

Cannabis Plant-Raised Pork Is Now a Thing (and It’s Delicious)

Picture this: an outdoor dinner party in Portland, OR, where the $85 ticket permits entry to a scene that’s become ubiquitous in foodie towns all over America: a star chef with an excellent restaurant creating a pop-up experience built around something yummy that’s a departure from the regular menu, with ingredients that hail from a beloved, […]

What Are ‘Mids’ and Why Are They the Best Thing in California Cannabis?

The Market Is Upside Down Another reason to reconsider mids in California: the market is all distorted. As regulations bite down, the supply chain is in turmoil. Low-priced cannabis can sometimes be higher quality than the product riding the top shelf. We’re finding disappointing, weak-smelling, outdoor-grown cannabis with a trendy name like Lemon Tree going […]

Marijuana can enhance pleasure and frequency of sex, research finds

Recent studies are proving that cannabis use can make for better and increased sexual activity. In a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (JSM), researchers from Stanford University analyzed data from a group of 28,176 women and 22,943 men in order “to elucidate whether a relation between marijuana use and sexual frequency exists […]


There are so many strains of recreational and medical marijuana, and a lot of them have different effects that can help you in everyday life. It wasn’t until years after I’d first started smoking that I found out that indica, sativa, hybrids, and CBD were a thing. I’m back again to give you a rundown […]