Buzzes & Bummers: 2018 Was a Wild Ride in the World of Cannabis

It took a whole lot of rolling (joints) and scrolling (old news feeds) to complete a thorough review of the most important, inspiring and infuriating stories about cannabis from the past year—and no doubt I still missed a few along the way. In my defense, 2018 has been a wild ride in the world of […]

Americans eye Canada’s cannabis edibles market, but wary of costly regulations

U.S. marijuana companies are keeping a close eye on the development of Canada’s edibles sector, but executives say the regulations proposed by Health Canada will be burdensome for manufacturers – and ultimately make them less competitive with the illicit market. Canada’s health department unveiled its proposed rules for edible cannabis and infused beverages, extracts and topicals […]

Washington Teens Smoked Less Pot Amid Legalization, Study Concludes

The authors of a new study on teen marijuana use say legalization in Washington has not caused rates to go up — they appear to be in decline Cannabis legalization for adults 21 and over in Washington has not led to increased teen use of the drug, according to an authoritative, new non-partisan study. The […]

Oil Change: Can Vape Pens Go Green?

Recreationally legal in 10 states and medically available in 33 (plus the District of Columbia), cannabis products are in demand more than ever. Policy changes have resulted in headaches for business owners and farmers, but the slow erosion of barriers preventing consumers from purchasing cannabis has allowed the industry to boom and new technologies to […]

Hand-Trimmed vs. Machine-Trimmed Cannabis: Which Is Better?

Trimming is one of the last steps of the growing process, when prized buds are finally pulled off their branches and shaped before sale. One of the more monotonous parts of growing, producers always look for ways to make the trimming process easier and more efficient, with machine trimmers becoming more popular in recent times. […]

Review: The Puffco Peak Promises Great Dabs in a Modern Package

While portable e-rigs and vape pens are convenient, it’s hard to give up your dab rig for an electronic device. Most electronic vaporizers give off harsh, flavorless hits compared with low-temperature dabs on a quartz nail. Because of this, concentrate connoisseurs would rather tote their glass around in Pelican cases to seshes and festivals than […]

Ohio green lights medical marijuana lab, clearing last hurdle to begin sales

Ohio regulators awarded the state’s first certificate of operation to a laboratory to test medical cannabis, clearing the last obstacle to medical marijuana sales. North Coast Testing Laboratories of Streetsboro had its inspection on Wednesday and was deemed fully compliant with the state’s rules and the lab’s application, according to a spokesperson from Ohio’s Department […]

2018 In Review: Wrapping Up the Rollout of Legalization in Canada

With the federal government fulfilling a campaign promise to legalize and regulate the cannabis market, it is not an exaggeration to call 2018 the most important year in Canadian history for cannabis policy. As Leafly and our fellow cannabis enthusiasts look ahead to 2019 and the next wave of rules, regulations, and politics, let’s take […]