Looking back at how things have gone this past decade, what aspects of marijuana legalization have surprised you?

I was really surprised how Colorado and Washington were so easily able to legalize marijuana and implement large commercial markets. I was expecting the DoJ to sue both states in the aftermath of ballot initiatives, especially given how they criticized the 2010 California ballot initiative. The Obama Administration really deserves a lot of credit on […]

Marijuana & the Mind, Your Knowledge About it

Hey everyone, im actually doing a survey for a project to see what people know about marijuana and how it affects ya. Its anonymous and 10 questions, about 3 minutes tops, and for anyone 18+. I was curious to see peoples responses.. Feel free to do it if your curious! 🙂 https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/66GNDN8 submitted by /u/LadyJaney01 […]