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This 420, We Need To Be Listening To Green Corridos

Legado 7’s lead singer Alex Guerra noticed that the vibe at his band’s concerts changed as their subgenre of Mexican regional music, the stoner-friendly corridos verdes, began to rise in popularity. “It used to be all about the alcohol,” he remembers. “But instead of drinking, people started bringing marijuana, smoking in front of the stage. […]

The 6 Best Strains for 6 End-of-Summer Pains

I’ve got some sad news: Labor Day is almost here, which means summer is unofficially over. No more two-stepping with aunties at cookouts, no more Gucci flip-flops at pool parties, no more shotgunning White Claws on a paddleboat in the middle of the closest body of water … It’s a tough time to cope with, […]

Lagunitas Brewing’s Hi-Fi Hops Is a Stoney, Hoppy La Croix

I have a terrible confession for my doctor: I can’t drink IPA beers much anymore. Two or three strong ones, and I get a hangover headache that night. The horror. “There’s nothing wrong with your liver,” doc’s gonna deadpan. “Welcome to being 38.” Arriving in the nick of time for this personal tragedy, though, is […]

The 7 Best Things To Do On 4/20

Ahh, 4/20. Just a few weeks away. For any cannabis smoker—casual or not—the unofficial holiday is sure to put smiles on faces. Mostly, because everyone is zooted out of their minds. But for true, hardcore stoners, 4/20 is more like a second birthday. With the landscape of the cannabis industry rapidly changing, there’s more and […]