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Massachusetts Recreational Cannabis Sales Cleared for Launch

This story has been updated. More than two years after Massachusetts voters legalized cannabis in the state, regulators have officially given the OK for retail stores to open their doors next week. The Northampton store has announced it will open for adult-use sales on Tuesday. Two shops—New England Treatment Access (NETA), in Northampton, and Cultivate, […]

Cathedral City Just Opened SoCal’s First Legal Consumption Lounge

The issue with legalization in California—and many other adult-use states—is that there aren’t many places to legally consume cannabis in public. Many argue this is what makes “legalization” a scam: how is weed legal if you can only consume it in your home without consequence? One Southern California desert community is providing a solution to this […]

Seattle’s Leading Pot Shop Launches Random Product Testing

Seattle’s busiest cannabis retailer is taking lab testing into its own hands, launching a program this month that tests random products on store shelves for heavy metals and pesticides—and then removes any products that fail. Each month, Uncle Ike’s, which operates three Seattle-area locations, will randomly select five products from its inventory and pay to […]

Canada Cuts Ribbon on World’s Largest Legal Marijuana Marketplace

TORONTO (AP) — Canada is now the largest country with a legal national cannabis marketplace as sales began early Wednesday in Newfoundland. RELATED STORY Cannabis Legalization Day in Canada: Leafly’s Live Coverage And there was more good news for pot aficionados: Hours before a handful of retail outlets opened in the country’s easternmost province a […]

At Harvest Time, Farmers Survey a Changed Emerald Triangle

Price Hits Rock Bottom The end of cannabis prohibition promised extreme turbulence for the communities that profited from the old system. That turbulence has finally arrived. Americans consume an estimated 6,000 metric tons of the crop across legal and illegal markets each year, most of it from Mexico. But California remains the nation’s number one […]

California’s Cannabis Equity Act Just Changed the Game

California took another step this week toward making reparations for its war on marijuana users. Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law on Thursday a bill offering small cannabis business assistance to those most impacted by past drug law enforcement. The California Cannabis Equity Act magnifies programs already up and running in cities like San Francisco […]

California Cannabis Delivery Kerfuffle Explained

Two years ago, California voters amended state law to legalize access to cannabis. And yet cities and counties throughout the state have banned its sale. Delivery services have stepped in to fill the void between retailer and consumer, but that may soon change. California’s cannabis regulator, the Bureau of Cannabis Control, may adopt permanent rules […]

Verified ‘Mendocino County’ California Cannabis Farms

Learn how to identify and buy authentic heritage cannabis with this three-part series listing the farms of the famed Emerald Triangle. Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity Counties comprise the US’ number one cannabis production region, but the Triangle is roiling as it adapts to California legalization. To better compete in the free market, California farms have […]

What Are ‘Mids’ and Why Are They the Best Thing in California Cannabis?

The Market Is Upside Down Another reason to reconsider mids in California: the market is all distorted. As regulations bite down, the supply chain is in turmoil. Low-priced cannabis can sometimes be higher quality than the product riding the top shelf. We’re finding disappointing, weak-smelling, outdoor-grown cannabis with a trendy name like Lemon Tree going […]

How to Buy Authentic ‘Humboldt’ Cannabis—Right Now!

Only sparkling wine from Champagne, France can carry the label Champagne. Now, thanks to California legalization, only cannabis grown in famed regions like Humboldt or Mendocino County can be labeled as such. But just like Gucci and Prada, counterfeiting cannabis brands is a global, multi-billion dollar business. The “Emerald Triangle” in California is America’s cannabis […]