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Cannabis Legalization Day in Canada: Leafly’s Live Coverage

October 17 marks a profound historical moment: Canada legalizes cannabis. As the first G-7 nation to federally legalize, Canada enhances its reputation as a global leader in health, justice, and common sense. After Oct. 17, the sky-will-fall fears about legalization, which began to dissipate with state legalization in the US, will finally and conclusively dissolve. […]

Recreational Cannabis Stores in New Brunswick

Looking for a legal, licensed, and open non-medical cannabis store on Oct. 17, Canada’s Legalization Day? We’re here to help. Alone among all of Canada’s provinces and territories, New Brunswick actually has all of its 20 stores set to open at 10am on Oct. 17. “We are ready,” declared Brian Harriman, president and CEO of […]

Recreational Cannabis Stores in Nova Scotia

Looking for an open cannabis store on Oct. 17, Canada’s Legalization Day? We’re here to help. Cannabis is regulated by each province or territory, so rules vary across the country. For a full FAQ about Nova Scotia’s cannabis rules, see our guide: Legal Cannabis in Nova Scotia: What You Should Know. Retail cannabis sales will […]

Recreational Cannabis Stores in Ontario

Looking for open cannabis stores in Ontario on Oct. 17, Canada’s Legalization Day? We’re here to help. The way to purchase from a government-licensed store will be through the Ontario Cannabis Store web site, Visitors to the site must enter their birth date to verify they’re at least 19 years old. A flat $5 […]

Recreational Cannabis Stores in Quebec

Looking for an open cannabis store in Quebec on Oct. 17, Canada’s Legalization Day? We’re here to help. The Société Québécoise du Cannabis (SQDC) is scheduled open 15 cannabis stores around the province. So far 12 locations have been confirmed, but it’s likely that only a few will be ready and open on Oct. 17. Concept of […]

Election 2018: A Complete Guide to Cannabis on the Ballot

Measure 3, Adult Use With Measure 3, it feels like the state’s legalization advocates decided to roll the dice on a tomato-plant initiative,* the kind of measure envisioned by the cannabis pioneer Jack Herer. Measure 3 would remove “hashish, marijuana, and tetrahydrocannabinols” from the state’s list of Schedule I substances, and prohibit prosecution of anyone over 21 […]

The Roll-Up #50: The Problem With Dan Bilzerian’s Party

The Roll-Up features Leafly editors Bruce Barcott, Ben Adlin, and Dave Schmader in a Friday morning roundtable about the week’s top cannabis news. Leafly Podcast The Roll-Up #50: The Dilemma of Dan Bilzerian’s Party This week: Bruce, Ben, and David Downs wrestle with the ethics of “Blitz” Bilzerian’s Bel-Air cannabis launch party, analyze the primary election season’s […]