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Las 8 mejores bebidas detox para marihuana

Entonces, ¿hay realmente buenas bebidas de desintoxicación de marihuana? ¿Hay bebidas desintoxicantes para la marihuana que funcionan? Y si es así, ¿cuáles son las mejores bebidas desintoxicantes? Si usted es un fumador de marihuana desde hace mucho tiempo, lo más probable es que en algún momento se haya encontrado con la temida prueba de drogas. […]

¿Tenemos en nuestros genes la capacidad de sanar los efectos de los psicodélicos?

El Dr. Joe Tafur, M.D., ha dedicado su carrera a la investigación psicodélica, tratando de cerrar la brecha entre la medicina occidental y los sistemas de curación espiritual. Razona que la ciencia moderna nos ha dado una gran cantidad de tecnología y drogas para tratar de curar enfermedades, mientras que a menudo minimiza el papel […]

Congress looks into allowing banking for marijuana businesses

U.S. lawmakers are once again exploring efforts to allow legal cannabis businesses access to banks. The Democratic-controlled House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday held a hearing to discuss the Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act of 2019, also known as the SAFE Banking Act, reports Yahoo Finance. “We’re trying to examine how outdated banking regulations […]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would be fine with a sitting president who uses marijuana

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) wouldn’t mind if an acting president also happened to smoke pot. Ocasio-Cortez told TMZ on Thursday that a president of the United States who recreationally smokes marijuana would be fine, arguing that “there’s really no difference” between THC and alcohol. “That’s fine with me. You’re not hurting anybody, you know,” Ocasio-Cortez […]

Marijuana users may have increased sperm counts, Harvard study finds

New research conducted by Harvard researchers could disprove another stoner stereotype. A study published this week in the Human Reproduction medical journal found that male marijuana smokers might actually carry higher sperm counts and concentrations when compared to men who have never used pot. “Our findings were contrary to what we hypothesized at the start […]

Q&A: Stockhouse’s Cindy Broad on why U.S. pot businesses look to Canada for capital

As cannabis legalization continues to flourish in North America, several U.S. marijuana companies are turning to Canada’s stock markets in order to build capital. Major cannabis companies such as Flow Kana, MedMen and Wagner Dimas have decided to avoid legal roadblocks in the U.S. by offering shares through Canadian exchanges and generating millions in financing. […]

Woodstock 50th anniversary concert might sell a special signature marijuana strain

(courtesy Woodstock on Facebook) The return of the legendary Woodstock music festival just wouldn’t feel right without its own brand of cannabis. Woodstock festival co-creator Michael Lang recently talked to Billboard about his efforts to resurrect the iconic event for a 50th anniversary show this summer in New York, which could possibly feature its very […]

Urine from marijuana users can produce electricity, study finds

Cannabis users may be able to light up a room in more ways than initially thought, according to new research. A study published in Biosource Technology Reports found that successfully removing cannabis metabolites from the urine of pot consumers can generate electricity, reports the Marijuana Moment. Turkish scientists conducted experiments using microbial fuel cells (MFC), […]

Q&A: Cannabis Trade Federation CEO Neal Levine on the future of federal marijuana legalization

America’s legal cannabis market owes part of its success to Neal Levine. Levine worked as Senior Vice President of Government Affairs for LivWell Enlightened Health, which earned a reputation as one of the largest employers in the cannabis industry. He has since moved on to be named as the chief executive operator of the Cannabis […]

Legal cannabis website offered federal workers free marijuana during government shutdown

Federal employees must be relieved at news that the government shutdown has temporarily come to an end, but they will probably miss the free weed. The legal cannabis search engine offered free medical marijuana to government workers who couldn’t pay due to President Donald Trump’s shutdown, the Hill reports. “I don’t think federal employees […]