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Legal cannabis sales top $6 billion in Colorado

Colorado’s legal marijuana market hit a milestone at the end of 2018, going over $6 billion in combined recreational and medical sales since the adult-use market launched on New Year’s Day in 2014. But since 2016, recreational sales have continued to climb as medical sales have taken a serious dip. In 2018 alone, there was […]

Landmark trial focuses on whether CO cannabis business hurts property values

A federal trial in Colorado this week could have far-reaching effects on the marijuana industry if a jury sides with a couple who say having a marijuana business as a neighbor hurts their property’s value. The trial, set in Denver, is the first time a jury will consider a lawsuit using federal anti-racketeering law to […]

Colorado’s top fed prosecutor threatens clampdown on law-breaking cannabis businesses

Colorado’s U.S. attorney, Bob Troyer, said his office might take action against licensed marijuana businesses that violate state law or use their state-legal status “as a shield” while selling product on the black market. Until now, federal officials in Colorado have largely focused on prosecuting entirely illegal marijuana grows – operations often concealed on federal […]

Study shows depth of Oregon’s cannabis glut, illegal transport

A new report on Oregon’s marijuana industry sheds more light on the massive oversupply there and the huge illegal trade across state lines, issues that need to be addressed immediately, the state’s top federal law enforcement official said. The report “confirms what we already know – (the industry) is out of control,” Oregon U.S. Attorney […]