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Two Marijuana Decriminalization Bills Introduced in Tennessee

Two marijuana decriminalization bills have been introduced by lawmakers in the Tennessee legislature, according to media reports. One would decriminalize possession of less than one ounce of pot, while the other would protect holders of medical marijuana identification cards from other states. Both bills were sponsored in the Tennessee Senate by Democratic Sen. Sara Kyle and in […]

New York City Cannabis Arrests Nosedive 97%

Just 151 unlucky souls got arrested for low-level marijuana possession in the city of New York this September—as cannabis law reforms begin to take hold in Gotham. Earlier today, the group Drug Policy Alliance released new crime statistics from New York City, where marijuana arrests peaked in 2010. More than 4,300 people got popped for […]

Mexico’s Revolutionary Ruling: How Human Rights Law Defeated Reefer Madness

Earlier this week Mexico’s Supreme Court issued a fifth and binding decision that cannabis prohibition violates the country’s constitution. In theory, cannabis decriminalization is the law in Mexico. A conviction for personal use will not be upheld in the country’s highest court. In practice, local police officers have wide discretion in law enforcement, so don’t […]

Blackfeet Nation Decriminalizes Medical Cannabis Amid Substance Abuse Crisis

Last week, the governing body of the Blackfeet Nation, located in northwest Montana, amended its Constitution to allow its more than 17,300 members access to legal medical cannabis. The small change addresses the nation’s law barring the sale, possession and use of dangerous drugs, creating an exemption for medical cannabis only. Blackfeet Tribal Business Council […]