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‘Christmas is coming early’: Canada’s draft rules for marijuana edibles expected in coming weeks

Hotly anticipated draft regulations to allow legal sales of cannabis edibles and concentrates in Canada are expected to be released before Christmas, according to sources, paving the way for a new wave of businesses and entrepreneurs aiming to capitalize on the country’s recreational marijuana industry. Edibles sales will begin next year, opening a potentially huge […]

Seasonal Delights: Colorado’s Favorite Edibles for Fall 2018

When the weather gets cold, Colorado cannabis consumers are treated to a host of holiday-themed, cannabis-infused treats. Some are seasonal, eagerly anticipated by Colorado’s edible enthusiasts every year. Others are available all the time but are still a perfect way to get into the holiday spirit! Check out unique holiday eats below. Mini Pumpkin Pies […]

Edibles & Kids: 7 Safety Tips for Cautious, Cannabis-Consuming Caregivers

No, your kid won’t die if he or she accidentally downs a cannabis-infused gummy, but let’s agree that ‘not hastening your child’s death’ is setting the parenting bar pretty low. There are real risks if your kid gets into your edibles, inviting adverse effects for them and legal consequences for you. That doesn’t mean you […]

Five Classic French Dishes You Can Infuse with a Cannabis Tincture

Using cannabis-infused butter or oil to make your edibles is easy. But using a tincture simplifies things even more. The dropper makes it super convenient and easy to measure doses, whether you want a microdose or melt-your-face-off experience. All you need to do is read the label on your product and dose your meal based […]

Old-School Treats Reinvented as Colorado Cannabis Edibles

Old school candies bring to mind carefree, childhood days—and who doesn’t love a bout of wistful nostalgia? Fortunately, you can now indulge those memories with a touch of elevation. Check out our favorite Colorado treats that will transport you to simpler times. Just remember to keep these delicious eats under lock and key and away […]

The 6 Most Delicious Cannabis-Infused Cookies

When I was child, there was no better snack than a big ol’ cookie with a big ol’ Flintstones glass of milk. Now that I’m an adult, the same remains true, only this time around I need some cannabis in that thang. If you clicked this link, then you probably agree, so (because I love […]

Blast Off Faster With These Quick-Hitting Cannabis Edibles in Colorado

There are many reasons to love cannabis-infused edibles—compared to smoked cannabis, they’re stronger, last longer, and keep your lungs smoke-free. But one problem unique to cannabis edibles is their delayed onset. Most people don’t feel any effects until an hour or more after consumption. Luckily, there’s a way to get the long-lasting effects of edibles […]

How To Brew Cannabis Kombucha

Looking for a healthy drink that refreshes and packs in probiotics? Kombucha, a fermented tea drink, offers just that in a delicious fizzy beverage loaded with B vitamins and antioxidants. But what if the benefits of drinking this lightly sweetened concoction came with the healthful effects of cannabis? Making your own version of cannabis kombucha […]

9 Businesses That Should Incorporate Weed

Every seasoned smoker knows that most experiences are way better high. Though there’s a lot to be said for eating Cheetos after hotboxing your dorm room, nothing can beat exploring the world while a little (or a lot) blazed. And that should mean more than smoking in a park or going to a party. From […]

7 Cannabis Edibles That Changed the Game

Mahjoun (circa 1,000 A.D.) Morocco boasts an uninterrupted hashish-making culture as old as any wine region, particularly in and around the Rif Mountains, where Berber villages have been cultivating cannabis and dry-sifting it into potent concentrates using traditional methods for countless generations. The Berbers are also credited with creating and popularizing mahjoun (sometimes mahjoum or […]