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Review: Gorilla Gummies by Green Gorilla

Nowadays, when it comes to CBD products, we have a ton of choice. So much so, that it can be a bit overwhelming. Do we choose tinctures? Capsules? One of the many available vapes? The possibilities are endless, and with the boom in the CBD market, it doesn’t look like there will be a slow-down […]

The Sweet Taste of Healing: Jelly Belly’s David Klein Finds His Calling in Cannabis

David Klein’s claim to fame is his invention of one of the world’s most beloved candy, the Jelly Belly; but his sweet disposition is his trademark and his sincere desire to help others, his legacy. No longer connected to the historic bean he created in 1976, this past year he launched his own line of […]

Infused Decadence at the Coda Signature Chocolate Factory

Coda Signature’s truffle collections are all about building on that experience. For example, the Crescendo collection, centered around a musical term that means “steadily increasing intensity,” starts with Juniper Lemon truffles (white chocolate with delicate flavors), moves to Earl Grey truffles (milk chocolate with a richer flavor), and finally builds to Burnt Caramel truffles, which […]

Cannabis Events in Canada for February 2019

There’s lots to love about February if you love cannabis. We’ve rounded up educational workshops, cooking classes, infused dinners, and more cannabis-centric events happening across Canada this month. Are you hosting a cannabis event in Canada? Email [email protected] to share your event with the Leafly community. British Columbia When: Friday, Feb. 1, 2019, 7 p.m. to […]

Canada’s draft regulations for cannabis edibles ban alcohol brands, cap THC

Canada’s health department unveiled its draft regulations for edible cannabis and infused beverages, extracts and topicals, to establish parameters for a new wave of businesses and entrepreneurs aiming to capitalize on the country’s marijuana industry. The formal draft regulations will be published in the Canada Gazette, the government’s official newspaper, on Dec. 22, and businesses and the […]

OM Edibles Makes History Receiving First-Ever State Annual License in California

It’s been a tumultuous year for California cannabis businesses. Though the state legalized recreational cannabis, new laws requiring stringent testing standards and efforts like seed-to-sale tracking have slowed the progress of many businesses. Some dispensaries have even had to destroy products not-up-to-snuff with new regulations in an effort to comply. Facing a long transition period, […]

Health Canada Proposes Regulations for Edibles, Extracts, and Topicals

Health Canada has finally released the proposed regulations for edible cannabis products, extracts, and topicals that will be introduced to the market by Oct. 17, 2019. Still subject to public and industry consultations, the proposed regulations set limits for the amount of THC each type of product can contain as well as rules, packaging, and […]

The Best Ways to Celebrate The Twelve Days of Cannabis-Mas

This Christmas, ditch the leaping lords and give your true love 12 days of ganja goodness. From cannabis cake pops to weed advent calendars, there have never been more festive products and edibles for merry-making. Bring these to your next holiday party or host your own Great Bud-ish Bake Off. Be sure to save some […]

‘Christmas is coming early’: Canada’s draft rules for marijuana edibles expected in coming weeks

Hotly anticipated draft regulations to allow legal sales of cannabis edibles and concentrates in Canada are expected to be released before Christmas, according to sources, paving the way for a new wave of businesses and entrepreneurs aiming to capitalize on the country’s recreational marijuana industry. Edibles sales will begin next year, opening a potentially huge […]

Seasonal Delights: Colorado’s Favorite Edibles for Fall 2018

When the weather gets cold, Colorado cannabis consumers are treated to a host of holiday-themed, cannabis-infused treats. Some are seasonal, eagerly anticipated by Colorado’s edible enthusiasts every year. Others are available all the time but are still a perfect way to get into the holiday spirit! Check out unique holiday eats below. Mini Pumpkin Pies […]