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Puff N Pilates Founder Shares How Cannabis Can High-ten Your Pilates Practice

Britney Ortiz is disrupting LA’s pilates scene with a strong core, reformer machines…and cannabis. With Puff N Pilates, Ortiz has developed a high-tened pilates experience that will elevate your mind, body, and soul. The one-of-a-kind fitness experience was created when Ortiz fused together two of her favorite things–cannabis and pilates. Pilates classes rarely have a […]

Sexy Flex Tantra Yoga—Plus Cannabis, Of Course

After spending some 45 minutes in a circle with about 20 other women—passing around joints, vape pens, and bowls—Dee Dussault’s yoga class feels like settling into a warm bath. The lights are turned way down low, and soft lounge music plays. And then, as we all lie on our mats, one knee cocked, she gives […]

Does Cannabis Raise Your Heart Rate?

Weed affects your body in all sorts of ways, but does cannabis raise your heart rate? We don’t have to rely solely on anecdotes or personal experiences. Research has helped map out some of the ways that cannabis interacts with and affects our bodies. In particular, cardiovascular health is one area that researchers have looked […]

9 Businesses That Should Incorporate Weed

Every seasoned smoker knows that most experiences are way better high. Though there’s a lot to be said for eating Cheetos after hotboxing your dorm room, nothing can beat exploring the world while a little (or a lot) blazed. And that should mean more than smoking in a park or going to a party. From […]

What Are You Smoking Episode 26: Exercising With Cannabis


What Are You Smoking? features Leafly experts Jeremiah Wilhelm, Bailey Rahn, and Will Hyde, as well as guests from all corners of the cannabis industry reviewing strains, test-firing products, offering up pro tips, and answering your toughest cannabis questions. Leafly Podcast Episode 26: Exercising with Cannabis In this episode:  This week on the show, Content Director […]