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Harvest Season: Life on a Cannabis Farm in Southern Oregon

In Southern Oregon the busy fall harvest is in full swing. The long, warm summers, rich native soil, and excellent sunlight make this one of the best natural landscapes to cultivate cannabis. Farms big and small alike dot the rugged countryside. The long, laborious growing season winds down as the days get shorter and the […]

At Harvest Time, Farmers Survey a Changed Emerald Triangle

Price Hits Rock Bottom The end of cannabis prohibition promised extreme turbulence for the communities that profited from the old system. That turbulence has finally arrived. Americans consume an estimated 6,000 metric tons of the crop across legal and illegal markets each year, most of it from Mexico. But California remains the nation’s number one […]

Think You Have the Biggest Cannabis Tree? Show Us!

Fun fact: Cannabis can grow from a tiny seed to a 15-foot-tall tree in a single year — and those trees are coming down this month as part of harvest season. Each tree might yield three to five pounds of dried cured cannabis, worth maybe $5,000 total. More than the money growers make on big […]