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World Health Organization Urges Rescheduling of Cannabis

In 1961, more than 186 parties representing the world’s governing bodies signed on to the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. The convention is essentially an international treaty to prohibit the production and supply of specific narcotic drugs. And under heavy U.S. pressure, the Single Convention placed the same restrictions on cannabis that it did on […]

Israel’s Cabinet Approves Export of Medical Cannabis

In a decision that thrilled the country’s cannabis industry, Israel’s cabinet gave a final OK on January 27 to regulations permitting the export of medical marijuana. The law was unanimously passed in the country’s parliamentary body the Knesset in December. News of the legalization of exportation is a long time coming in the eyes of […]

Governor of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Legalizes Cannabis

Gov. Ralph DLG. Torres of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) signed groundbreaking legislation on Friday, legalizing the recreational use of cannabis for the small United States territory. The Northern Mariana Islands is a small group of islands in the Pacific Ocean with a population of just over 55,000. Torres held a signing ceremony […]

Malaysian Court Sentences Man to Death for Distributing Free Cannabis Oil

Malaysia remains a potentially dangerous place to engage in anything related to medical marijuana. And that includes distributing it free of charge to patients who could benefit from it. Just last week, a man was sentenced to death for giving medical grade cannabis oils to patients in need. Death Sentence For Distributing Medical Marijuana On […]

Georgia Quietly Becomes the Latest Country to Legalize Cannabis Use

Georgia has quietly become the next country to legalize cannabis use after action from the nation’s Constitutional Court on Monday. The court’s ruling was handed down in a lawsuit brought by political activists. The decision eliminates administrative penalties such as fines as punishment for the consumption of marijuana.  However, the court’s ruling does not legalize cannabis […]