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How Does Law Enforcement Know Your Cannabis Is Legal? Keep Your Receipt

Suppose you are walking through town and are stopped by the police. For whatever reason, you consent to a search. Among the items they find is a small amount of legally obtained cannabis. One of the cops asks you for a receipt from the cannabis store or some other proof that the cannabis in your […]

Brooklyn DA’s Plan Could Erase Thousands of Cannabis Convictions

In an announcement that could bring criminal justice relief to thousands of New Yorkers, Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said on Friday that his office will allow nearly 20,000 low-level cannabis convictions to be wiped away. Gonzalez and his counterpart in Manhattan announced earlier this year that they would decline to prosecute most cases involving […]

Michigan Shutters 40 Unlicensed Medical Marijuana Businesses

DETROIT (AP) — Michigan officials have shuttered 40 medical marijuana businesses that were operating without valid licenses and they’re expected to warn hundreds of others that they could be next. The state Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs started the process of closing down facilities Thursday, the Detroit Free Press reported. “Any business that didn’t […]