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Louisiana medical marijuana sales delayed by lack of testing lab

A failure to find an independent testing lab will delay medical marijuana sales in Louisiana at least until January, roughly two months after the market was originally anticipated to launch. The lack of an independent lab also means Louisiana’s Department of Agriculture department will handle product testing for now, The Advocate reported. GB Sciences, one […]

Louisiana Lifts Limit on Number of Medical Marijuana Patients Doctors May Treat

Louisiana legalized medical cannabis in 2015, and since, legislative changes, revisions and other modifications have slowed the law’s rollout. But this November, medical cannabis sales will likely begin throughout the state. The problem, however, is how few patients will have access to a doctor who can provide the recommendation they’ll need to enter one of […]

Bernard Noble, Serving 13 Years for Two Joints, Granted Parole

Bernard Noble, one of America’s most famous drug war victims, will be a free man by the end of this week. On Tuesday a Louisiana parole board granted the 54-year-old truck driver his liberty. Noble served seven years and four months of a 13-year sentence for the crime of cannabis possession. “We’ve had people receive […]