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The Ultimate Stoner Grocery List

SCENARIO: You’re at the grocery store. You’ve already filled your basket with the stuff you actually need, but now it’s time for some more goodies. The stuff you don’t need to live, but pairs nicely with that blunt you’ve been saving. The extracurriculars. But there’s a whole grocery store full of stuff in front of […]

The Best (and Worst) Stoner Cereals

Is there anything more definitive of the munchies than a big bowl of cereal? We honestly don’t think so. It’s a perfect food, no matter the time of day. We think it’s high time we look around at the world of cereal and see just what’s going on. Courtesy of General Mills Best Cereal in […]

Sonic Is Begging Customers to Stop Smoking Weed In Drive-Thru

This week, the fast food restaurant Sonic is begging customers to stop smoking weed in the drive-thru. This comes after the Mississippi Sonic reported an epidemic of stoned drivers. Here’s the story. The Restaurant In Question A Mississippi-based Sonic reported that two weeks ago a drive-thru customer rolled down their window to order food, and blew […]