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New Jersey medical cannabis dispensaries can now post prices online

New Jersey is allowing medical marijuana dispensaries to advertise prices on their websites and social media, a move generally welcomed by the state’s cannabis industry as a way to differentiate offerings. “Certainly it’s going to be good for businesses,” said Scott Rudder, president of the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association. “It gives them the opportunity to show […]

New Jersey medical cannabis expansion attracts multistate MMJ businesses

A number of multistate operators are vying for the coveted six additional medical marijuana licenses in New Jersey’s rapidly growing MMJ industry, underscoring the increasing attraction of the Garden State market. The New Jersey Department of Health has made the list of applicants available but said no further information would be released until the licenses […]

New Jersey flooded with applications for six medical marijuana licenses

New Jersey received 146 applications for six new medical marijuana licenses, an expansion that will double the number of MMJ businesses in a rapidly growing market. Applicants had to identify the region of the state where they would like to operate an MMJ business, which New Jersey calls alternative treatment centers. There were 50 applicants in […]