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Man Pursued by Police for Public Masturbation in Target, Found With 9 lbs of Weed

Police in Dover, Delaware, discovered nearly nine pounds of weed after pursuing a man who had been masturbating in a Target store. Lewis Foreman, 23, of Dover and two others were arrested in the case, according to local media. Officers were sent to the Target store on Jan. 19 and again on Thursday after it was […]

Florida Man Tries to Pay for McDonald’s Order With Marijuana

“Florida man” is at it again. This time, Florida man has taken the shape of a guy busted by cops after trying to trade a bag of weed for a McDonald’s order. Although the person who was caught for attempting to make the trade said the whole thing was a joke, cops apparently did not […]

Michigan Teenager Allegedly Tries to Win Homecoming Votes with Weed Brownies

A high school cheerleader in Michigan is under investigation after allegedly trying to win votes as homecoming queen by giving out brownies laced with cannabis. The unidentified teen is a student at Hartford High School in Hartford, Michigan, according to media reports. Hartford is a small independent city of about 2,8000 residents in Hartford Township. The […]

Packages of Marijuana Have Been Washing Up on Florida Shore

For frequent beachgoers, there’s nothing like finding buried treasure along the shoreline. But it doesn’t always have to be buried to be considered treasure. According to the St. John’s County Sheriff department, packages of cannabis have been washing up on the Florida shore. But as enticing as 30-pounds of herb might sound, deputies are urging […]

Weed Grower Busted With Freshly Baked Pot Brownies on the Stove

Although it’s safe to say the legal marijuana industry has vastly changed the perception of weed, the illicit black market still remains largely intact. Sure, there are plenty of people ditching their friendly neighborhood drug dealers for the dispensary down the street. But considering the hefty price tag of legal weed—not to mention the fact that […]

Dispensary Under Fire For Similar Name And Logo As National Bank

If you search “Citidank,” Google asks, “did you mean: Citibank?” But the entire first page of results has nothing to do with the multi-billion dollar banking giant. Instead, the search returns customer reviews, Facebook pages, and social media accounts for a southern California cannabis superstore. Citidank, the popular and highly-rated dispensary based in Cathedral City, […]

Sonic Is Begging Customers to Stop Smoking Weed In Drive-Thru

This week, the fast food restaurant Sonic is begging customers to stop smoking weed in the drive-thru. This comes after the Mississippi Sonic reported an epidemic of stoned drivers. Here’s the story. The Restaurant In Question A Mississippi-based Sonic reported that two weeks ago a drive-thru customer rolled down their window to order food, and blew […]