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Check Out These Mouthwatering Dessert Strains Sweetening California Menus

“Am I at a dispensary or a bakery?” you may wonder, perusing a menu with options like Gelato, Cherry Pie, Lemon Cake, or Mango Brûlée. As if choosing cannabis without thinking about food wasn’t hard enough, new strains named after desserts appear on dispensary shelves with increasing frequency. Find sweet strains near you. It all […]

Try This Strain: Orange Cookies, the Body High for When You’re Low

Since moving to Seattle I’ve been on a conquest to find the best strains in the cannabis game. Thus far, I’ve fallen in love with multiple: Chocolope, Purple Punch, Dutch Treat, and now, my latest love, Orange Cookies. (Elysse Feigneblatt/Leafly) Orange Cookies is a hybrid cross between Orange Juice, an indica-dominant hybrid, and the famous GSC, which is […]