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Inmate Suing for Right to Smoke Cannabis as Part of His Religious Practice

Rastafarian inmate James Rose has sued the South Carolina Department of Corrections for violation of his religious freedoms while imprisoned. Primary among his demands are that his jailers allow him to grow out his dreadlocks and smoke marijuana, a cornerstone practice of the faith that originated in Jamaica. In his lawsuit, Rose reports that his […]

American Student Facing Death Penalty in China for Cannabis Distribution Released

An American college student is back in the United States after spending eight months in a Chinese prison on false charges of cannabis distribution. Matthew Fellows, 23, of Gambrills, Maryland arrived in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon before changing planes for a flight scheduled to land in Washington, D.C. Tuesday morning. Matthew’s parents, Donna and […]

Three Prison Guards Arrested For Smuggling Weed, Other Contraband Into Prison

Three South Carolina prison guards were placed under arrest on Friday for smuggling drugs and other contraband into two different correctional institutions. According to a statement, South Carolina Department of Corrections Police Services made the arrests after the suspects’ fellow officers discovered their smuggling attempts. Today’s arrests are the latest in a string of enforcement […]

Pennsylvania State Prisons on Lockdown Due to Suspected Synthetic Weed Outbreak

All state prisons in Pennsylvania are on lockdown after dozens of workers at several of the institutions fell seriously ill in the last month. Officials believe the prison employees may have been sickened after being exposed to synthetic marijuana, according to media reports. Corrections Secretary John Wetzel told reporters that he is unsure how long […]