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Investment bank: Canada’s cannabis sales much lower than expected

Just two weeks after Canada legalized cannabis, a leading investment bank is warning investors it is “increasingly clear” recreational marijuana sales this year will come in much lower than expected. GMP Securities, an independent investment bank that services the cannabis sector, said the first 12 days of the legal market were marred by operational and […]

Recreational Cannabis Stores in Quebec

Looking for an open cannabis store in Quebec on Oct. 17, Canada’s Legalization Day? We’re here to help. The Société Québécoise du Cannabis (SQDC) is scheduled open 15 cannabis stores around the province. So far 12 locations have been confirmed, but it’s likely that only a few will be ready and open on Oct. 17. Concept of […]

Marijuana Laws in Canada: Province by Province

By the end of the summer, recreational marijuana will be legal across Canada’s provinces and territories. National legislation legalizes the sale, cultivation and use of marijuana. It also sets the limit for marijuana possession at 30 grams and 4 marijuana plants. Everything else—age restrictions, who can sell weed, where you can sell or smoke, police […]