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Landmark trial focuses on whether CO cannabis business hurts property values

A federal trial in Colorado this week could have far-reaching effects on the marijuana industry if a jury sides with a couple who say having a marijuana business as a neighbor hurts their property’s value. The trial, set in Denver, is the first time a jury will consider a lawsuit using federal anti-racketeering law to […]

Number of cannabis racketeering suits increases, posing financial threat to targeted firms

Federal civil racketeering lawsuits are proliferating against marijuana businesses, forcing companies to sometimes spend tens of thousands of dollars to cover legal costs. Experts are divided about the risk the lawsuits pose to the industry. But the growing number of cases is proving worrisome to industry watchers. “There is a greater risk of (racketeering) litigation […]

Another group files marijuana racketeering suit – this time against illicit California grower

A neighborhood group in Sonoma County, California, filed a racketeering lawsuit against an allegedly illegal cannabis operation that claims the grower is creating a “skunk-like stench”  near their homes and causing health problems. The lawsuit, filed in federal court in San Francisco, makes similar claims to ones that have been made in recent racketeering suits involving […]