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New Data Suggests Most Cannabis Users Prefer to Consume at Night

New data from an online retailer suggests that most cannabis users in the United States are consuming their herb at night. Using information from more than 100,000 Twitter posts from the last month including time of day and geotagging data, online head shop DankGeek determined that most states are lighting up in the evening hours. Dave S., […]

The Most Important Cannabis Studies of 2018

The most exciting new frontier in cannabis research this year wasn’t any individual study or published report. It was a pair of developments (one in Canada, the other in the United States) that together promise to spur the research studies of the future on a scale never seen before, with a scope of inquiry that […]

Washington Teens Smoked Less Pot Amid Legalization, Study Concludes

The authors of a new study on teen marijuana use say legalization in Washington has not caused rates to go up — they appear to be in decline Cannabis legalization for adults 21 and over in Washington has not led to increased teen use of the drug, according to an authoritative, new non-partisan study. The […]

Researchers Find Halifax Consumes the Most Cannabis in Canada

Researchers in Canada have determined that the city of Halifax consumes the most cannabis per capita out of five major urban areas in the country. The study by Statistics Canada, the national statistics agency, analyzed wastewater from 15 sewage treatment plants serving Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver to determine average cannabis use per person in […]

How a Tiny Island Nation Could Use Cannabis to Disrupt Diabetes Care

Like many small, post-colonial states, the Republic of Vanuatu, a Pacific archipelago comprising dozens of small islands, sees some economic boosts from being a tourist destination, tax haven, and “flag of convenience,” but it experiences some drawbacks, too. The remote nation’s residents, known as Ni-Vanuatu, frequently face unemployment and poverty, relying heavily on personal fishing […]

The Science Behind Giving CBD & Cannabis to Cats and Dogs

A growing number of pet owners are using cannabis-derived products containing high doses of cannabidiol (CBD) and low or negligible doses of THC to alleviate pain, seizures, and other conditions. But what’s known about the science of cannabinoid medicine and pets? There isn’t a lot of peer-reviewed research, but a recent Cornell University study found extremely […]

Poll: Support for marijuana legalization hits record 62 percent of Americans

(courtesy ExoticGenetix) The U.S. percentage of support for marijuana law reform has reached a record high. More than 6 in 10 Americans support legalizing marijuana, according to a new poll conducted by the Pew Research Center. Of the 1,750 people administered in late September, 62 percent of all Americans agreed that cannabis should be legalized. […]

US lawmakers urge feds to expand approved marijuana growers for research

Fifteen U.S. House lawmakers urged the heads of the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration to expand the number of federally approved marijuana cultivators allowed to grow cannabis for research purposes. The request, made in an Oct. 1 letter, comes on the heels of the DEA granting approval to medical researchers at the […]

Beyond THC: It’s Time to Assert the Primacy of Terpenes

Turns out, the nose did know. Cannabis lovers the world over are missing out on optimized highs because they don’t know enough about terpenes. We’ve all been lured toward high percentages of THC—the main active ingredient in cannabis. But is THC the main ingredient? More and more people are learning that title may go to […]

First Clinical Trial of MDMA Treatment for Autistic Adults Sees Success

New research has shown that MDMA may be an effective treatment for social anxiety in autistic adults. Results of the first study to research MDMA as a therapy for adults on the autism spectrum were published in the journal Psychopharmacology last week. Dr. Lisa Jerome, one of the researchers conducting the study, said that MDMA could […]