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Nine Elementary School Students Hospitalized After Being Given Weed Gummies

Nine children were taken to a Cleveland hospital on Monday after they were given cannabis gummies at their elementary school, according to media reports. Police responded to Anton Grdina Elementary School on the city’s east side after a total of 14 students ate some of the weed-infused gummies. Emergency medical services personnel were also dispatched to the […]

FDA Seeks New E-Cig Regulations in Response to Spike in Teen Vaping

A spike in teen vaping has spurred the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to seek new rules governing e-cigarettes. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced the proposed regulations in a statement on Thursday. If adopted, the new rules would prohibit flavored e-cigarette products from being sold in stores and websites used by children. They would not apply […]

Edibles & Kids: 7 Safety Tips for Cautious, Cannabis-Consuming Caregivers

No, your kid won’t die if he or she accidentally downs a cannabis-infused gummy, but let’s agree that ‘not hastening your child’s death’ is setting the parenting bar pretty low. There are real risks if your kid gets into your edibles, inviting adverse effects for them and legal consequences for you. That doesn’t mean you […]

Study Finds Possible Link Between Cannabis and Type 1 Diabetes Complication

A new study published today in JAMA Internal Medicine has identified a possible link between cannabis and a condition associated with Type 1 diabetes (T1D). That condition, diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), is a dangerous and potentially life-threatening complication. And researchers say that cannabis-use increases the risk of experiencing DKA two-fold compared to non-users. The study’s findings are crucial, […]

Why Medical Marijuana Is Different Than Homeopathy— And Better

Cannabis often receives praise as a natural remedy for helping with many health issues. Green and grown in soil, it is difficult to ignore its organic qualities. Because it’s associated with nature, many people wrongly categorize cannabis use for illness or injury as homeopathic care. But bud research and acceptance in society as a treatment […]