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We Visited Some Cannabis Grows In Colombia To Figure Out If The Hype Is Real

If you’ve been keeping up with the state of the international cannabis industry, then you’ve probably heard of Colombia being poised as the next major hub for cannabis exports. With the perfect climate and geography for cultivation, low production costs, a vast network of experienced professionals in the field (illegal experience is still experience!), and […]

A Mother’s Courage in Peru: Facing Prison for Giving Her Son Medical Marijuana

In the working-class Lima district of Pueblo Libre, I make my way to an apartment complex and up to the flat of Ana Álvarez—the unlikely woman almost singlehandedly responsible for Peru’s groundbreaking new medical-marijuana law. In a bedroom, 18-year-old Anthony, Álvarez’s son, watches a noisy Spider-Man movie, occasionally interrupting through the open door as I […]