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Detoxing for Cannabis? The Benefits of Tolerance Cleansing

Cleansing is a trend that’s been on the rise for a while, but people rarely talk about using cleanses to make your cannabis tolerance higher—or any substance for that matter. Although most aren’t juice cleansing to get drunk off of less wine, many people can benefit from detoxing their systems of metabolites and afterglow effects […]

Is The Linx Blaze The Newest Best Extract Vaporizer?

After cranking out email after email and sitting in traffic so bad you’d almost rather walk home week after week, you can always find comfort in your portable vape pen.  But if you’ve been a bit bored in that department lately and have been waiting for something more, we’ve got some good news for you. […]

How Robot Coupe USA is Serving the American Hemp Industry

Robot Coupe USA, Inc. is the world leader in the commercial food processing industry with over 50 years of engineering, manufacturing, sales, and service. Their machines are designed to save user time and labor while providing perfectly uniform size reduction for food service, laboratories, testing facilities, and cannabis processors. Robot Coupe USA, Inc.’s factory, customer […]

Making Your Life Easy: Easy To Roll Curved® Papers

Who taught you to roll a joint? Your friend? Your girlfriend? Your cool uncle? Did you watch Rolling With Rogen on Youtube? It’s one of these basic life skills they don’t teach you in school. How long did it take you to get good at it? Did you ever get good at it? Were you […]

The Magical Solution That Keeps Your Piece Clean While You Smoke

Carbon dating has shown ancient water pipes with cannabinoid compounds as early as the 1300s. Our ancestors clearly knew what they were doing when it came to burning the sacred flower. They understood that passing the smoke through water cools and filters the smoke. These ancient tokers also knew that water filters out fine particulate […]

Getting in on the Ground Floor of Cannabis Investment

Friends often tell me they want to invest in the cannabis industry but feel it’s too late or they want to participate but they don’t think they have the means. Instead of giving financial advice, I tend to just put things into perspective and tell a true story about a small tech startup and the […]

We Came Up With Creative Uses For CBD So You Don’t Have To

CBD has become one of the defining wellness trends of 2018. The New Yorker recently described CBD as an aid for a fast-paced New York lifestyle and CBD infusions have crept into everyday culture, from bars in upscale hotel lobbies to sexual wellness products. It’s clear: hemp is no longer reserved for hippies; it has […]

Hidden Lake Combines Hemp with Social Responsibility

Nestled within the breathtaking peaks and valleys of Montana’s Glacier National Park is a body of water named Hidden Lake. It is a small, glacial lake and the hiking destination for many Glacier National Park visitors. It’s a staple of the remarkable beauty that can be found in nature which symbolizes one of many elements […]

Cannabolish: The Natural Smoke Odor-Control that Fights Terpenes with Terpenes

As more and more states move to legalize cannabis, one problem remains heavy in the air: the smell. When it comes to flower, the danker the better, but for the rest of us, it would be nice to enjoy a nice smoke sesh without having to worry about the heavy smoke odor that clings to […]

The Race is On For Cannabis Companies to Create Salve for PTSD

When a major problem exists, there’s a great opportunity for a company or a segment of an industry to come in and create a solution. This is where companies go from barely known startups to culture-changing profit-generators.  And, when the problem has to do with health matters that have reached a critical mass, the opportunity […]