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Honoring the Legend: Jack Herer

Are you familiar with “The Hemperor” Jack Herer? The world was a very different place when he was born 80 years ago today, on June 18th, but he dedicated his life to making it better. Whether his story is one you know and love—or one you’re just discovering—we all owe him a debt of gratitude. […]

Cannabis Delivery Goes High Tech

Guest written by Oliver Estreich, founder of the Native Society Once upon a time, you might have gotten away with delivering weed two hours late. But these days, punctuality and accuracy will make or break a cannabis business. The solution? Integrate with a software platform such as GetSwift that manages order flow and optimizes delivery […]

Taking on Corporate Cannabis: The Rise of Pure CBD Exchange

With such a high number of CBD brands, a constant barrage of misinformation , and a general lack of regulation, it can be difficult knowing who to trust when it comes to buying hemp products. Low budget websites, social media scammers, multilevel marketing companies, and obscure celebrity endorsements pollute the airwaves with useless products, deals […]

What’s The Best CBD Product For My Health And My Wallet?

CBD has exploded as a natural remedy for chronic pain, sleep disorders, anxiety and many other issues. With everyone from your mom to your grandma using it, CBD is becoming hard to ignore. So what’s the best value CBD product? When buying a health supplement, value should be determined by what’s best for your health […]

The Secret to Using Cannabis for Energy and Focus

Staying focused and energized throughout the day isn’t always easy, and sometimes you need more than another cup of coffee to get through your to-do list. But before you reach to your favorite sativa for a pick-me-up, remember that a variety of factors go into using cannabis for energy.  So, what should you look for […]

New Ocean Grown Cookies & Blueberry Cookies Finally Arrives at Dinafem Seeds

Two new strains from the Cookies family can now be found in Dinafem Seeds’ catalogue. Potency, uncanny tastes, and unbeatable aromas. These are the three main hallmarks of the new members of their collection. U.S. cannabis strains have won the hearts of millions of growers worldwide. That’s a fact. The flavor and potency of West […]

From Seed to Seedling—A Comprehensive Guide from Seedsman and Jorge Cervantes

Cannabis seeds are easy to purchase via the internet and are sold at many reputable online sites like Seeds contain the genetic characteristics of cannabis plants. They have genes from both parents, male and female. Some unstable plants have both male and female flowers. They are called “intersex” plants but are often called by […]

THCV: Enhance Your High and Lose Weight

We all love THC for its power to help us sleep, deal with pain and or just simply relax after a long day. We also love THC for other reasons. For as long as artists and thinkers have existed, humans have all celebrated the “holy herb” for its power to inspire creativity, laughter, joy and […]

New Graphic Novel Tells The Story of Cannabis Prohibition in the United States

Did you know that in 2000 BCE India, cannabis farmers believed that the plant was created by a celestial tug of war between gods and demons? Or that the first recorded use of a joint was in 1850s Mexico? Did you know that during the Spanish conquests in 1519 CE, Cortes introduced hemp farming as […]

No Fools: dr.delights Makes Cannabis Predictable

The old “fool me once” adage gets cannabis into trouble. Nowadays people are increasingly curious about using cannabis for wellness, but some stay on the sidelines with memories of side effects. Will it make them sleepy? Paranoid? Lost? As one baby boomer recalls, “I tried it in the sixties and couldn’t find my house.” Aiming […]