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Wall Street Analyst Estimates US Cannabis Market Will Reach $47 Billion

For years, “$20 billion by 2020” was an oft-heard refrain from market analysts who saw a bright and prosperous future for the legal cannabis industry. Now, with that horizon fast-approaching, analysts are setting their sights on what the next decade has in store. And one analyst, RBC Capital Markets’ Nik Modi, is seeing green. Analyst […]

How Canada’s Cronos Group Became the First Cannabis Producer on the US Stock Exchange

When the Cronos Group became the first cannabis producer to be listed on a US stock exchange on Feb. 27, Cronos’ chief executive officer Michael Gorenstein received notes of congratulations from his competitors. The listing on the NASDAQ was good news, not just for Cronos but also for them. Cronos CEO Michael Gorenstein “We’re all […]