European Union authorizes first U.S. marijuana company to operate in Malta

An American cannabis company will now enter the European market.

Columbia Care LLC, one of America’s top medical marijuana companies, has become the first US cannabis firm licensed to operate in the European Union, reports Grizzle.

The company recently established a base in Malta, where they will be able to import, expert, cultivate, process and distribute medical cannabis throughout Europe.

“With a desire to realize our mission regardless of geography, we look forward to disrupting the status quo outside the U.S. and bringing our expertise to the rest of the world,” Nicholas Vita, chief executive at Columbia Care, told Grizzle.

Vita says his company is also planning to further expand into Europe and South America after speaking to patients, medical leaders, and policymakers in those regions.

Columbia Care is also the first firm with access to federal medical cannabis programs outside the United States, according to experts from the ICBC.

They are the first company to gain approval from Malta Enterprise after several companies were given letters of intent, reports Marijuana Business Daily.

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