First bong hits yesterday: amazing experience

Yesterday I got a ride to my friends house and he said I should try out his bong after he learned I had never used one. I had never told him of my past experiences, a few bowl hits with a bud twice, and that’s it. I took a rookie hit, and I was about as high already as the bowl hits. I took another after I passed it back and then I was really feeling it since I inhaled a bunch more. I decided I might as well get my money’s worth before I walk home in the cold weather, and I tried to really get a huge one for the road.

I coughed for a minute and got up and almost fell over trying to pick up my backpack, and stumbled out the door to walk to my house. I’m a pretty big guy so I mean, you can definately say I never run, but I was able to walk 1.5 miles, and jog another half to get home, a feat so incredible I never would have thought me able to do, but I did.

After I got home I sat in on the recliner and phased out of existence. I think I might buy it from him for future experiences. Would recommend 11/10

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