I think I got spiked

TLDR at bottom

So yesterday I was looking for a bag of the ol’ devil’s cabbage. I was texting a few of my fiends trying to find someone that could help me out. Finally one of friends gets back to me saying that we’ll meet up and get some together. No biggie.

About an hour later we meet up and he begins talking about the people we’re meeting. About how they do big bags for cheap prices. We walk for about 5 minutes into a very, very dodgy looking part with over grown grass and a worn down astro pitch. I didn’t feel very comfortable but he assured me everything was all good.

We meet the people that we’re buying off, I hand them the money and my friend picks up the bag in the guys left hand (he held out both and gave us a choice). We exchanged a few words and then parted ways with them.

Fast forward to today. I was in the park and lone behold forgot my tobacco so they only thing I could roll was a blunt. I roll it and smoke it and I’m ok for the first 20 minutes. After that I stood up and was incredibly uneven on my feet. Colours were jumping out at me and I felt like I was moving in slow motion. It was like an unnatural feeling and I felt like I was going to be sick. The feeling lasted 3-4 hours, much longer than normal, and even someone where I work commented that I seemed high.

Notes: my tolerance is pretty high as I’ve been smoking for last 8 months almost daily/bi-daily The bag was very big for it’s price especially considering where I live

TLDR: some weed I bought under dodgy conditions made me feel an extremely strange high. I’ve bought a drug test kit and it should be here in few days

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