LA City Attorney Mike Feuer Bans all cannabis delivery

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LA City Attorney has BANNED ALL Cannabis Delivery

mferLoyal SpeedWeed patient,

LA City Attorney Mike Feuer has banned ALL MARIJUANA delivery services and is suing SpeedWeed claiming cannabis delivery is a violation of "Proposition D", a zoning rule passed in 2013 which was designed to stop illegal storefront dispensaries.

A few notes on Prop D. (1) It was written by a former judge who is a consultant for many of the monopoly dispensaries protected by it! (2) The City Council has instructed the City Attorney to REPLACE PROP D because it is too broad and confusing. (Not to mention it is unconstitutional.) So why are taxpayers still spending millions to sue us?

Mr. Feuer said shutting down SpeedWeed and ALL delivery is "the will of voters". Is this what you wanted? To let the government tell you who you can invite into your home? You have a RIGHT to safe access to cannabis.

Is this how you want your tax dollars spent? Suing legitimate businesses like SpeedWeed who have the overwhelming support of the people?

Because of the City Attorney's actions, you are now required to use one of the "Marijuana Monopoly" shops created by Prop D and supported by Mike Feuer. The other option: use an illegal delivery service in Los Angeles (ie: everyone except SpeedWeed).

Help us help you by quickly writing a sentence or two as to why you need cannabis home delivery and if you agree the city should be suing companies like ours.

They say "You can't fight City Hall". We disagree. We are on the right side of the voters, and the right side of history.