Meet the Team

Since 2010, SpeedWeed has been a family owned and operated business. 

Our employees may not be blood, but they’re still family to us. Want to join the family? Click here.

AJ Gentile

Type-A Libertarian Warrior. Tech guru. MENSA member. NY Yankees fan. National radio host. Damaged Human trying to be a better person today than yesterday: with mixed results.

Gino Gentile
Business Development

Professional networker. Celebrity wrangler. Wheeler, dealer, rain maker. Mr. Nice Guy. Has breakfast with Congressmen, lunch with Grammy-winning musicians and dinner with your folks.

Jen Gentile

The engine that makes SpeedWeed go. Marketing sorceress. Branding genius. Show business success story both behind and in front of the camera (That’s why she looks familiar).

Dr. Hans Von Puppet
Medical Advisor

Sage professor. Developed the Scientific Method. Discovered 2 Galilean moons. First recipient of an artificial heart. Cured Grayscale. Cannabis legalization supporter. Puppet