New user took too many edibles!

Hello everyone! I could really use some help here. I took an edible Monday night, which I didn’t realize was extra strength and I st maybe a 1/4 of it. All in all my friends think it was about 100mg of thc or whatever is in there. I had extreme paranoia and apparently attacked all my friends to try to get them to help me and was basically comatose for all of Tuesday and Wednesday. Yesterday was a little better. I went to urgent care on Tuesday and they prescribed me anti anxiety and told Me to use them and wait out the effects. But it’s been a few days now since I took the brownie and I still have bouts of extreme paranoia and anxiety attacks. How long will these feelings last? Im freaking out that it will never end. I’m already maxed out on the amount of anti anxiety I can take. I’m also medicated with lexapro for anxiety and depression anyways.

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