Why THC Facial Cream is Good for You and How to Make it

thc facial cream

There are so many beauty products on the market that you might wonder why you should bother to change the product or to make your own. But the tendency is to go more natural and organic, and how do you know what really is mixed into available products? The skin, and especially your face, is so exposed to many harmful things out there. Therefore, it is actually important to pay attention to it. The skin is the organ that is most exposed and likely least attention paid to. So, if you have the availability to make your own facial cream, why not?


Why would you use Cannabis on your skin?

Because the skin is so exposed, it can become irritated very easily. Things like perfumes, make-ups, deodorants, and scratches put your skin under distress. Before you know it, you have a rash or itchiness that turns into swelling or even an infection. Both cannabis cannabinoids can do wonder for your skin as both have anti-inflammatory and pain relief benefits. They also have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-itching properties.

There are already many cannabis-related skin creams and oils out there, so you might still wonder why you should make your own? Most of the products are CBD based and there is nothing wrong with that. But you have cannabis that contains THC in your house, so why not use that instead. This way, you can experience to create the perfect cream for your skin.  

Inflammation is often the root cause of skin problems. It can be a side-effect of acne or rosacea. The cannabinoids in the marijuana plant have the ability to reduce inflammation and the sensitivity that goes with it. When you have a problem with dry and itchy skin, THC is able to cure that. CBD, that forms part of the compounds of your weed at home, also deals with inflamed skin problems.


How does it work?

Cannabis-infused creams and lotions work by binding to the cannabinoid receptors on the skin. The skin has its own endocannabinoid system. Even though the cannabis-infused cream has active THC in the mixture, it would not intoxicate you. As it is topical, the cannabinoids can´t enter the bloodstream directly, but only works on the layers under the skin. When it is a transdermal patch, things change, because it allows the cannabinoids to enter into the bloodstream. The benefit of making your own cream at home is that no compounds are isolated. This is a good thing because the cannabinoids and chemical compounds work like a symphony orchestra. Together they are supporting one another, and the result is more effective.

THC shows promising results in reducing allergic skin inflammation. When you have super dry skin, it can lead to eczema or atopic dermatitis. This could be of external conditions or due to allergic reactions. THC can reduce these allergic reactions.


How to Make your Own Cannabis-Infused Facial Cream

Remember, when you prepare something to apply to your skin, keep in mind how sensitive your skin is to change. Always start with a small amount to test for any sensitivity.


Easy Cannabis Facial Cream

For this recipe, you can use Vaseline petroleum jelly, coconut butter, or shea butter. The last two options make it totally natural.


25 grams of weed stems

50 grams of dried leaves

1 liter of cream

You can adjust the quantities to your liking. Be sure to keep the ratio´s in mind.



Chop and grind the leaves and stem in the smallest parts you can get

Heat the cream or Vaseline over very low heat. Do not let it boil.

When it is melted down, add the dry ingredients. (If you want the full effect of THC, decarboxylate the cannabis first. During the heating process, a form of decarboxylation will take place too)

Stir it for about 30 minutes until everything is dissolved. Don´t heat it up for too long as degradation of the cannabinoids will happen.


NB: the heating process is for 1 liter of cream. If you choose to use less, adjust the heating period.

Use a wooden spoon to mix and stir the ingredients until everything is well mixed and smooth. It has to be evenly distributed.


Increase the Potency

After the first heating process is completed, you can either scoop it into a bowl with a lid. You can also just keep it in the pot you used. Just cover it up to avoid contamination. Let it stand outside on the counter. Repeat the heating process the next day for the same time period to increase the potency of the infusion. It could be done a third time around the next day.

After the final heating process, the excess oil should be strained by using a sieve the first time around. Then, it has to be strained again by using cheesecloth to get rid of any additional undissolved parts of the plant.

Use glass jars to store the final product in and keep in a cool dry place. The refrigerator will also work.








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