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Nine Elementary School Students Hospitalized After Being Given Weed Gummies

Nine children were taken to a Cleveland hospital on Monday after they were given cannabis gummies at their elementary school, according to media reports. Police responded to Anton Grdina Elementary School on the city’s east side after a total of 14 students ate some of the weed-infused gummies. Emergency medical services personnel were also dispatched to the […]

Illinois Patients May Now Replace Their Opioids with Medical Marijuana

Illinois residents who have been prescribed opioids will now be eligible for a temporary certification for medical cannabis. The Opioid Alternative Pilot Program was approved via the Alternative to Opioids Act by lawmakers last year by a sweeping 44-6 majority in the state senate, but lagged in implementation due to “a heavy IT lift” required […]

Maine Supreme Court Upholds Eviction of Man Growing His Own Medical Marijuana

Underlining the role that economic class plays in one’s experience of the cannabis legalization movement, Maine resident Olanian Jackson saw his eviction upheld by the state’s Supreme Court after his landlord discovered that Jackson was using state-legal medical marijuana in his home. The court’s decision highlights the fact that for anyone who lives in federally […]

Two Medical Marijuana Bills in the Drafting Stage in Kansas

In Kansas (and thirteen other states) cannabis is still fully illegal. The state has no measures to decriminalize use or possession, no authorizations for medical use, and harsh mandatory minimums that include a year of imprisonment for first-time possession offenses. When Colorado legalized adult-use in 2014, 10 sheriffs from Kansas even sued their neighboring state […]

Denver’s Sweet Leaf Retail Owners Plead Guilty to Drug Charges, Serve Year in Jail

In December of 2017, Sweet Leaf, Colorado’s largest dispensary chain, was raided by Denver PD after a year-long undercover investigation into the business. Law enforcement shut down all locations for what the state refers to as “looping,” or selling more than the “legal” amount of cannabis to a customer at one time. Two years after […]

Medical cannabis business sues New Mexico over $1.5M in tax payments

Ultra Health, a vertically integrated medical marijuana operator in New Mexico, is suing the state Taxation and Revenue Department to obtain a refund of more than $1.5 million in gross-receipts taxes the company says it shouldn’t be forced to pay because it provides medicine. According to Ultra Health’s suit, medical marijuana should be treated like […]

How to Buy Gelato Seeds & Clones

In this series, we help out the bumper crop number of cannabis lovers who can legally grow a pound, so they can save themselves money and ensure a clean harvest. Up next: the second of three blockbuster strains, Gelato. Creamy, berry, potent, and beautiful—Gelato was Leafly’s Strain of the Year in 2018 for a reason. […]

4 Minutes and 20 Seconds with Sherbinski, Iconic Strain Cultivator

If you got the chance to meet a local legend in your community, wouldn’t you? We finally got the chance to sit down and speak with a very popular man in the cannabis community: Sherbinski of the “Cookie Fam.” This man is a GOD in the Bay Area of California, so meeting him was a […]

Oil Change: Can Vape Pens Go Green?

Recreationally legal in 10 states and medically available in 33 (plus the District of Columbia), cannabis products are in demand more than ever. Policy changes have resulted in headaches for business owners and farmers, but the slow erosion of barriers preventing consumers from purchasing cannabis has allowed the industry to boom and new technologies to […]

The High Times Guide to Traveling With Pot

As the number of states authorizing the use of cannabis for medical and recreational use increases—at last count, 33 states and the District of Columbia have authorized the use of medical marijuana, and 10 of those states have also authorized recreational or adult-use marijuana—a major question arises: What are the legal restrictions around traveling with […]