Panic attacks because of strain or life stressor?

So I’ve been smoking for over 5 years and have had great times There were times where I’ve panic attacks but if I smoked more usually it would go away. I’ve smoked to deal with depression for about a year as well. But for some reason the last 2 months weed has just not been the same. I dont know if it’s because of the strain or just stress from my life. Because about 2 months ago our guy apparently had some really good indie stuff and that’s what’s I’ve been getting the last few times. But 2 months ago is also when I became a scapegoat and got fired from my job. And that’s when I started getting panic attacks and feeling like I’m having a heart attack. Some times I feel like I am losing consciousness too, but I’ve realized its cause I’m so high. Thing is, 5 years ago I KNOW I would have been able to handle it.

I’ve gotten so paranoid that I had to go to the doctors just to make sure im fine and I’m perfectly healthy. Had an ekg done and blood test. I even made sure I was eating healthy and went to the gym a little more than usual. But for some reason i just feel like maybe it’s the strain and not my anxiety? Because when I’m sober I dont feel any real anxiety.

To describe a little more of what I’m feeling when I smoke: I feel tingling sensations in my extremities (fingers, toes, etc.), also I keep feeling like I can feel my blood pulsating in my left forearm and sometimes biceps. Also my chest feels like it’s being pulled down. Like not a pressure pushing towards my heart, but a pressure pulling my chest to my knees and straining my muscles. I can feel the burning sensation from smoking a bowl and like my throat is closing up, but when I smoked from a bong I had 2 really bad panic attacks (like I wanted to call the ambulance), but I was calmed down. But I still feel a little residual? I know I could just stop smoking, but when I’m sober I miss the good sessions I had literally 4-5 months ago. Being able to watch movies and enjoy music on another level, but lately it’s just not the same.

Tl:dr I’ve been getting panic attacks and I dont know if its external stressors or if it’s the most recent strain I’ve been getting for the last 2 months. My doctor says I’m physically healthy, but I cannot stop thinking I’m going to have a heart attack. If it’s just me experiencing really bad anxiety, what should I do to alleviate it? I feel like im on the verge of needing meds but I’m afraid it might change my experience with weed? Just want some advice as to what I should do. Thank you in advance y’all. Just want to enjoy it like I used to.

P.s. I am currently about to talk to my guy about maybe getting a different strain (haven’t done it before because I’m too nice and not like the bother people, also my S.O. have not been feeling like m. Although he DID have one anxiety episode, but like he was in the middle of changing careers) and am thinking about talking to a psychologist (maybe even a medical marijuana doctor?).

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