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Relief & Recovery Capsules Available in 15 and 30 CBD Capsules 10mg CBD Per Capsule / 150mg CBD Per 15 Capsule Bottle / 300mg CBD Per 30 Capsule Bottle Superior “body ready” formula promotes superior absorption of CBD and turmeric to ensure Sagely Relief & Recovery Capsules are highly bioavailable. Taken daily, they combat inflammation […]

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The Pink Pill that everyone is talking about! These little beauties each pack a solid 35mg dose of THC and 1.1mg of CBD. 100% organic. No solvents, no bacteria, no chemicals. The experience is a gentle, relaxing body high and slight mood lift and cerebral tingle. The perfect way to spend an evening with a movie, a couch and a bowl of popcorn -- followed by a great night's sleep. *NOTE: If you are not experienced with edibles, 35mg could be a strong dose for you. Please consume responsibly.