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Strain specific full flower hand rolls are designed for the true cannabis connoisseur. Cultivated and curated within a specific region of California, hand rolls are only available in extremely limited quantities. All hands rolls are made with 100% pure flower.  Each preroll is 3/4 gram.   INDICA • GRANDADDY PURPLE A potent and relaxing indica preroll of […]


Cheef prerolls contain 1500mg of organic flower, dipped in THC oil and rolled in hash. These are a connessiur’s dream. Cheef prerolls are strong, tasty and not to be missed.


Chong’s Choice pre rolls brings you the highest quality medical cannabis in a convenient, easy to smoke product. We take the best flowers sourced from local, trusted growers, and roll them into our all natural papers. Each .75g pre roll is packaged in a sealed, air tight tube to ensure freshness and an odor free […]

Rated 5.00 out of 5

At Henry’s Original they proudly handcraft each product with Clean Green Certified heirloom cannabis from their family run farm. Unwind with they premium cannbis smokes, filled with 100% flower harvested straight from the fields, then carefully cured and hand trimmed.  When only the finest will do, treat yourself to a Henry’s.   Current Stock : […]


Lowell Herb Co presents 6 grams of 100% pesticide free, all flower,  pre-rolled smokes in a convenient package.  With no trim and no shake, these premium prerolls each weigh .6 and pack a big punch. The sun-grown blends come in sativa, indica, and hybrid dominant varieties!   Lowell Smokes are a fun blend of strains, […]


5 premium pre-rolled joints, affectionately called “dog walkers” for their size and portability. 3.5 grams of flower in each pack.