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Equinox, premier genetics of Emerald Heart Farms meets you with a minty pine aroma supported by a mixed berry undertone. The silky smooth smoke carries an earthy flavor reminiscent of tree bark and leaves you feeling relaxed yet uplifted with a little tingle in the toes. LAB TEST RESULTS THC9.8% CBD7.3% CBC0.5% CBG0.4% CBN0.1% TOTAL18.1% […]


Hey Jude, grown by Hope Springs Farm in Mendocino, is a CBD cross of Dr. OG and Hope Springs OG. With the ultimate ailment relief benefits, this flower can take a sad day and make it better. Day or night, this strain is a great companion for healing your pain and taking a little bit […]


Emerald Spirit Botanicals strives to create harmony in their gardens, producing rare 1:1 strains with soft, balanced effects. In this Harmony Rose, ripe fruit and pine give way to warm cedar, rose petal tea and the thick sweetness of creamed honey. Profile : Harmonious, Rose Petal, Cedarwood, and Honey 8%THC, 8.7%CBD


Bhang : Nugum


Bhang Nugum: 4 pieces per pack in fresh mint flavor Available in : 200mg thc and 50mg thc/ 50mg cbd 200mg = 25mg thc per piece 50mg thc/50mg cbd = 12.5mg thc/cbd per piece  


Locally sourced honey in a convenient suckable straw. Try some in some hot tea or on a snack. FLAVOR: Honey SERVING SIZE: 5.75g SERVINGS PER: 11 Per Container Consumption Advice: Until you know the effects of this product, consume only half of a serving and wait a minimum of 75 minutes before consuming another portion.


Bold, soothing and satisfying. Soft, chewy and packed with real lemon and ginger, plus the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric and CBD! 100mg CBD and 15mg THC in every cookie. Ingredients : Flour, Stevia, Erythritol, Lemon Juice, Canola Oil, Ginger, Vanilla, Baking Soda, Turmeric, Salt, and Cannabis Oil.   Consumption Advice: Start with a 1/10 cookie wedge. Wait […]

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New Single Origin Reserve Carts are here!  Strain specific Single Origin Reserve is designed for the true cannabis connoisseur or anyone looking to elevate their experience. Cultivated and curated within a specific region of California, Single Origin is only available in extremely limited quantity. Currently in season are ACDC, Purple Kush, Blue Dream and Blueberry […]

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The same great flavor of a W Vape now with a 1:1 CBD ratio. These outstanding carts just got a whole lot more helpful.


Non-psychoactive.  Relieves pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, tremors, anxiety and mild depression.Non-psychoactive.  Relieves pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, tremors, anxiety and mild depression.   Coconut MCT oil, Cannabis, Cinnamon essential oil, Stevia, Vitamin E Non-psychoactive.  Relieves pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, tremors, anxiety and mild depression. 141.2 milligrams CBD, 8.8 milligrams THC


Humboldt Apothecary tinctures FIND YOUR PERFECT FORMULA We take great care and pride in blending medicinal herbs with Cannabis oil to make medicines that are safe and effective.  All of the herbs that we use are organically grown or sustainably wildcrafted.  Most of our formulas are crafted in a proprietary blend of honey, organic grain-free […]

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Want to freshen your breath and get healthy at the same time? Try our new CBD breath spray. Our CBD tincture is not only tasty but nutritional. Made with all natural ingredients, it's sure to become your new favorite - it's one of ours (the entire office is addicted to it!). Every spray gives you the clean fresh breath you'll love with the added benefit of CBD.


150mg CBD per bottle 1.25mg cbd per spray Less than 1% thc Directions: Always shake gently before use and spray directly into mouth, inside cheek and under tongue for maximum effect. Ingredients: Purified water, glycerin, CBD rich hemp oil, stevia, potassium sorbate

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Recommended uses: Anti-Inflammatory, Pain Relief, Anti-Nausea, Anti-Anxiety, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Relaxant, Anti-Seizures, Anti-Psychotic. Directions: 1 spray = 1 dose = 9mg CBD. Day 1 : 1 spray in the morning and 1 spray in the evening. Subsequent days increase number of sprays as needed and tolerated.  

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Elixicure’s Pain Relief Roll-On is specifically formulated using extract of the cannabis plant that contains the principal cannabinoid CBD. Our Pain Cream includes over 90% Certified Organic ingredients and delivers the powerful combination of Counter-Irritants to block pain receptors and salicylic acids provide a deep penetrating Asprin like relief.  Elixicure utilizes the purest pharamaceutically derived […]